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$ 8,800

Audi Automatic Diesel 58,550

$ 16.800

Toyota Automatic Gasoline-Petrol 42.339

Honda CR-V 2.0 A
$ 5.900

Honda Automatic Gasoline-Petrol 77,087

Toyota Land Cruiser 200ZX Beige Genuine Leather Sheet
$ 89,500

Toyota Automatic Gasoline-Petrol 19,000

Toyota Probox
$ 6,400

Toyota Automatic Gasoline-Petrol 59,000

BMW 5 Series 528 AT D/AB DSC LED NAV
$ 12,400

BMW Automatic Gasoline-Petrol 38,000

$ 9,900

Toyota Automatic Gasoline-Petrol 51,600

Hino Ranger WING
$ 9,800

Hino MT Diesel 811,000

Mitsubishi Delica Spacegear
$ 12,200

Mitsubishi Automatic Gasoline-Petrol 42.110

Mitsubishi Delica Spacegear Active Field Edition
$ 7,400

Mitsubishi Automatic Gasoline-Petrol 88,500

Toyota Land Cruiser VX LTD DIESEL
$ 12,200

Toyota Automatic Diesel 275,563

$ 2,800

Toyota Automatic Gasoline-Petrol 150,759

Mega Power Japan

Japanese cars have been renowned worldwide for their quality and reliability. The brands Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda all speak for themselves. We export high quality used cars from Japan to almost any country in the world. We take care of all the necessary steps in bringing your car from Japan to your country, from the buying in of vehicles to the arranging of their shipping. It will be a great pleasure and honor to be your trusted partner for importing used cars from Japan. We have been supplying high quality Japanese used Automobiles. We not only sell high quality automobiles at reasonable prices, we have learned effective export procedures for major regions around the world in order to make our shipping process as smooth as possible for you.

Are You looking for a vechicle?

Contact one of our sales representatives and get quote or inquire about any vehicle you need. We’ll deliver your car wherever you are. We are providing vehicles from Japan.

Are you looking for Auto Parts?

If you need car parts, we are the best source available. Providing cars into a container after dismantling them into HALF CUTS, NOSE CUTS & BODY SHELLS in a 20ft & 40ft container. from Japan.

Why Mega Power
Our decent and energetic staff is ready to support your inquiries coming from customers from different parts of the world through chat, phones and emails.
We have been providing Japanese Quality cars for years. We are exporting hunderd's of vehicles world wide every year.
Buying a used car is always tricky and required some skills. Our quality and inspection assurance staff make it sure that all our clients get inspected vehicles.
We have over 6000 vehicles in stock to choose from. We can arrange any required vechicles within short period through our conenctions to Japanese car dealers and from auction.
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